Sunday, 2 January 2011

as you can see i havnt really posted really, after moving back home i have very little money so building things have been put on hold. i have just put together the room box for the bookstore but thats all ive really done. ive also made a cardboard cutout of the stairs in hogwarts just to see how it looks, ffor when i actually put it together.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


ryt well erm havnt really done anything for this project yet, real life and my dolls house is taking up all the time..all ive really done is modify some designs. im going to use the DHE cumberland castle x2 for the basis of my castle..but will be adding in extra things like walls and features of hogwarts. im very excited about this project but theres no wherre to keep it at the moment so planning is all i can really do.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

rik pearce- inspiration.

Finally i can say that i have started progress on hogwarts. well the designs anyway.... i have had the inspiration for this project from others, mainly from a guy called Rik Pearce. his own interpretation of harry potter/hogwarts is really good. infact its fantastic. see below. this just prooves it can be done in whateva scale, even if it does take a lot of time lol.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


whilst scrolling through the internet researching and planning my hogwarts, i found this picture by another budding miniaturist. id just given up on my ideas of doing the actual hogwarts castle and just doing shops, hagrids hut and maybe the great hall, when i came across this. i think it looks fab, and although mine will be no where as good and as imaginable as this, it has given me hope that it can be done. :)

i was thinking that perhaps the great hall can be one of the rooms coming off the hallway and then i could make the towers for the houses common room :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

planning- flourish and blotts book store

well today ive began planning flourish and blotts book store.. ive been busy researching and finding pictures to help me get my shop as near to the one seen and described by JK Rowling. ive found some lovley wallpaper: personaly i like the older looking wallpaper as it goes better with the theme..

i have now chosen the flooring to go in my bookstore. well this is the final finish im hoping for.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Hagrids hut. - the ideas.

i woke up, the other morning with my head bursting of new ideas.. i thought about doing, Hagrids hut and taking it from the scene where draco malfroy sees the dragon egg on the table.

Hagrids hut will be given the effect of stone cold walls and wooden flooring. a stone fireplace will be fitted and an old leather chair will be put in just like in the film.

diagon alley.

ive now decided that im going to some shops from diagon alley. im going to do flourish and blotts bookshop, a magic shop, and the weasleys, wizzarding wheezes. im also going to do the leaky cauldren pub and in.

Harry Potter project

well this is my dream, to make hogwarts.. i know realsistically thiis is going to be a very extremy big project, although its not impossible it will more than likely take over my life and my house.

i was thinking that i could perhaps start with diagon alley. maybe some of the shops and the pubs that they visit. for now it will be mainly planning, so anything in structure will more than likely be ages.. but plannings fun i suppose. so watch this space.